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The role of the service coordinator is to assist chapters in the following ways: Each chapter's Service Vice-President should report to the section service coordinator at least once a month with the following items:

National Service Week and Spring Youth Service Day

National Service Week is the first full week in November. At each national convention, a Program of Emphasis is chosen for the next 2 years and separate project themes are chosen for each year.

  • November 4-10, 2018       2018 Theme: Suicide Prevention in the Community
  • Spring Youth Service Day is one weekend in April.

    For help finding projects and promoting your own projects, try http://www.ysa.org.

    Service Resources:


    Finding service projects

    Awards and Grants

    Some documents to make your life easier

    Service Interest Survey - Use to gauge involvement level and types of projects brothers and pledges want to see MS Word Acrobat
    Service Project Checklist - Use to make sure you do not forget anything in planning for small or large projects Acrobat
    Project Report Form - Use to document each project, what happened, and who attended MS Word Acrobat
    Here is a sample completed project report form MS Word Acrobat
    Here is a sample monthly service report form MS Excel
    APO Impact Officer Guide: Vice President of Service - Use as a high-level reference guide to make day-to-day operations easier Web Document
    APO Impact Officer Guide: Service Project Leader - Use as a reference to assist in planning service projects Web Document
    National Spring Service Day Handbook Acrobat

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